Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Karen the Volunteer Doral Ticket agent..Thanks

OK here is the great story...

My son Brett, the 14 year old plays golf. He is on the team at Palmetto middle. So I arranged for him to volunteer at the Doral this past weekend. He was a Standard Bearer, he carried the scoreboard around, for Watney and Kim and 2 other pros on Thursday and Friday. Then he missed Sat. But Sunday, I took him to actually watch theem play golf. He was alone and I was feeling so guilty about leaving him but I really had no choice. Students get in for 10 dollars. My ticket would have been 50. So I drove away feeling sick. I drove away feeling so bad I called and asked my mom to charge me a ticket and I would pay her when I could. She called the ticket agent who made her call another number at the Doral office. I was on my cell phone and she called from her house phone. She called the second number and no one answered. She went online and tried to purchase a ticket there but she couldn't figure out how to get an account. so I told her to just try the second phone number one more time. She called again and I heard her telling the person who answered the phone that she wanted to purchase a ticket for her daughter. She went through the whole story about how Brett was a volunteer standard Bearer for the tournament and that I wanted to be there to take him around the course and watch today. SHe went on to tell her that I didn't have a way to buy a ticket so she was going to do it for me and that I would pick it up at will call. The lady on the phone thought that was so nice of my Mom that she offered to take a ticket down to will call herself at no charge. She had one for Sunday but was working. My Mom got all excited and in an appreciative way, told the agent how incredible that was for her to do. Then I heard my Mom cover the phone I was on, I could hear her talking to the lady the words were muffled. I am sure she was telling her I just finished chemo and that I was a mess right now. When my Mother came back to the phone I was on, she told me " your not going to believe this, the agent on the phone's name is Karen and she is a 15 year Breast Cancer Survivor. Well I started laughing and sobbing at the same time. Mom told this lady Karen I was crying and how thankful I was for her sharing that information with us and for the ticket she was giving us. Talk about being on the right phone at the right time. I went and picked up the ticket and found Brett. We had such a fantastic time. We saw all the golf pros and got tons of signatures. I really wanted Camillo Villegas, aka Spider Man to sign my visor...He is adorably yummy, but the crowd was so pushy. Tiger was there too but not so nice. I think he was a bit aggravated at himself. Mickelson won in case you didn't watch and Watney came in 2nd. Brett has a ball signed by him and he was quite nice. When we left, we went through the Doral hotel walkway to get to the car and guess who we bumped into....Camillo. Almost crashed into him and guess what he signed...MY VISOR....I did my crazy happy dance. HE didn't see me....but another man did. He knew what I was dancing about and just laughed. What a great day. There are so many Angel all around. Thanks Brett.