Tuesday, March 17, 2009


simulator scanner
mold to hold you still

Radiation will be three parts. Today I had the simulator. I was fitted with a mold so that when I go to get the radiation, I get it in the same area each time. So i lay on a pad, then they suck out the air out of it and it fits around me like a glove. My arms are above my head and my wrists are interlocked. Then they run the cat scanner over me for about 5 mins. They marked the area to irradiated and ran some more scans and then tattooed the 3 areas that will get the cross beam.
I listened to the CD Maryanne made for me and it was relaxing. birds and water, A few of my favorite things.

You don't lose hair or tissue structure. nothing will look different except for the color of my skin will change for a while but will eventually go back to the normal color. The machine are big and noisy but take just a few minutes. you might feel more fatigue. and your white count will drop.