Monday, March 16, 2009

I took a break

I am sorry for the silence......I wanted to forget this whole thing happened..Now I know I can't.
I will be reminded every look in the mirror. I just have to deal with it.
I have another great story of one of those ANGELS. I will get to it.
I must first say, feeling better is taking longer than I thought. I am so tired alll the time. It isn't painful, just frustrating. Keepng up with everything is trying. Getting to appointments, making appoinments. Time passes and then its time again. So I start radiation Tuesday. The process anyway. They do a scan first....that's frightening....then make a mold and tattoo the spot...OK Mom said No Tats but hhhhhhhmmmmm when did I ever listen. always mom, Always.
Then the radiation is once a day for 5 days then 2 days off for 6 and half weeks. Why? IT was explained to me that the beam they shoot is to zap any cells that may still be in the area that the bad seed was removed from. So the beam will be around the area the tiny mass was removed from. sometimes its makes a mark on your skin sometimes it does nothing. Like a sunburn everyday. I saw some bad reactions and then i saw some patients with no mark at all. I won't know but I will keep aloe on the area at all times and see if I can prevent being being the one in 1000 that has a bad time. Most of the women who have done this say its a piece of cake...just some fatigue...great more fatigue......and a small mark towards the end....that goes away...NO more topless sunbathing.....shoot......and No amino Acids......what ever that does. I will have to get a little Reconstruction after...I will have a dent yuck........reconstruction........that means surgery............yuck.............uhmmmmmmmm yea yuck.....cross that bridge when I hit 40.
anyway....Oh I have an inch of hair... how about that....OK maybe not quit an inch but close....I have to go to the grocery store...hungry kids are coming home from school soon. I will tell you the Doral Golf tournament story when you come back....