Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My hair is falling out for the last time. Volleyball weekend

That's my Girl...
Monday is better...I am losing my hair for the last time. Some are growing back. My youngest told me and my Mom that he dreamed about me and my hair came back more beautiful than ever..He is so sincere. I know they want things back to normal..I am trying and almost feel well enough to make it happen. I can do almost everything. I am sure my white count is gonna go up any minute now. I am going to ask Faby for a deep tissue massage so I can really get the toxins out.

Hey I have not itched one time today.....I just realized that.

I went to a shamanic thing Friday. I had my chakras cleared out. My creative channel was blocked and I had some part of me asleep a long time and its just starting to wake up. She told me I was surrounded by all these frigging angels....hundreds of them....She is a Dr. of something I have to look up, but she was a professional lady and those were her exact words..I had to laugh..then I realized you all are those Angels I am surrounded by. All the prayers...All the Energy, all the Angels. I had my Feet done too thanks to a great friend.....that was the best part of my week.

I took Tyler to a all day tournament Sunday. I itched most of the time and then decided I need a benadryl. I had none....I took a atarax, similar to benadryl but I got real tired. well I wonder if it worked so well it stopped all the histamines? I hope so. I think I was itchy waiting for Dave to show up...he never did. His loss...Tyler played like Dynamite....great blocks and brilliant serves..even got a few pokes in on the money...

DO I have to shave my head to get the hair to grow back properly? Anyone been here done this?
I love my kids you know!