Monday, February 2, 2009

Thursday-The week in a glance

I am sorry for the delay...I have been depressed and tired and insecure and whiny and blah blah I got in the freezer at Publix cause the itch came back...Tyler suggested that so I get in it...A lady passed me an laughed so I told her I was having a hot flash. I thought she'd a peed her jeans she laughed so hard....Publix is fun with Tyler. She made me get out of bed and take her to the zoo Thursday. The kids had early release from off we went. as bad as I felt and looked, I did it and you know what....I felt better as every second went by.. How could I not. I will show you why. BUt I do need to to say that as bad as you feel after the treatments, the fatigue, the aches, the mood swings.. they are all tolerable and if you know someone or you are going through this, please know that it will be is tolerable.......You/they can do it. Keep doing the things you love because you have the time now to do it. Later you will be back to the grind....back to the "NORM". Rest if you have to. sleep all day sometimes....go for a drive alone if need be.....yell at someone you don't know in the privacy of your tinted windows. It will get better tomorrow. and worse the next day and better than better that weekend!

I got a great story next time I get on. This could only happen to me....but look at these first.

I slept Tuesday and Wednesday. I felt like poop! I guess that was good but boring. I have my sister-in-law whispering in my ear stay home away from crowds, away from germs, wash your hands. I listened for once cause I know she and Rick are smart and right this TIME. I love them.

Kelsey is Tyler best friend. Buddies since they were 3. Her mom is the best and has gotten me through so much in the 12 years we have been friends.

Bridget is their friend. We have known and loved her since they were in 3rd grade. 7 years.

Asa....Asa is Tyler's BOYfriend! He as sweet as they come and funny and fun and cute and happy and curious and adventurous and oh geez need I say more?

Here we are at the Zoo. OMG I Met Ron Magill...highlight of the year 2009! He was photographing a squirrel of all things.....HA world renown photographer shoots at 11. I think I love him!