Monday, January 26, 2009

Stuck in the Bubble.

Brett Asa and Tyler
Cathy and Jerry

Craig and I

Brett bad Papaw

BRett and Evan

I am stuck in the bubble. I can't go near people or crowds or anywhere I can catch something, although I do believe I could get some sort of virus in the laundry room. I have clean everything. all the clothes, all the blankets, all the sheets, all the rugs, all the towels. So now what?
HEy Randy where's my text today? you must be fishing.
Brett's Birthday was fun at the sportsgrill. The family was there. It was good to be out and see old friends. BRett had fun and won all the little girls in the place a stuffed animal from the machine. Kyle won half the girls a toy too.
ITs funny to see the looks I get in the place. God, and 2 other people, only knows what they are thinking and what they have been told. I don't really care.