Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today I caught up

My mom came at the crack of dawn (JK it was 8:45) and we went to Sylvester. The Doctors all concur. I will no longer get Neulasta. whew! MY Mom is relieved. Kara wasn't gonna let em give it to me. She is great. I showed the Nurse Practitioner the pictures of the hives. All of them. She believed me. She got the Dr. Gluck and he is so sweet, when you can see him. They decided

  1. no more Neulasta

  2. Benadryl before the Taxotere and Cytoxin

  3. higher dose of Dexamethasone pre med

  4. longer infusion time of the Taxotere

  5. stay away from crowds and wash hands and rinse mouth for 12 days after the chemo.

I can do this. Dr. G says I am so close to being done. in less than 6 weeks I am finished. Just be careful for those days after. I think I will go stay at a sterile Hotel. with a big bathtub. Then life will be good again.

It is still good today just a bit rocky.

Speaking of ROCKY....She gave me a scarf..They have the coolest store and Wow are they special .. .

wait till you see what harry did....