Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New year

Brett and Kendall enjoy the chilly h2o.
Brett is a Dolphin

Kendall is a Mermaid

SHe buried her cousin too

I am just here today. Nothing worries me. Nothing is bad. I have it in me and I can't get it out. its doing its thing. So I go with the flow. We went to the beach. Brett Gave me the Neulasta shot and off we went. It's a beautiful day. Sunny and Clear. Kara looks hot in her Bikini...I gotta keep my clothes on I think because the sun enhances the effects of the chemo so I don't think I need it to work any better than it already does. The group behind us is partying big. A older woman with some party experience and a group of what seems to be college students. Grama lights up a good one and passes it around. I try inhaling from a distance since its legal for me.

The kids stayed in the water the entire time we were there. The water is so blue and turquoise. It clear and relaxing.
I even went to the mall and exchanged a dress, got a tea at Wendy's and then went home to crash. My Hair
oh yea in case you were wondering
it looks like Sh&% and I am very self consious and I laugh.......when I get out of the shower I hate to look in the mirror. I have not shaved my head. I like to think I might not lose it all. HAHA It looks so friggin bad but when I put a hat on, it still hangs an inch 9out of the bottom. That to me, looks a little better than nothing. I guess I just don't want anyone to look at me and think I am sick. I think I am in the process of curing this and that is what I want to keep thinking. I tried the wig on but BRett said I should just WEAR A HAt. I guess it looks better to him. Kinky Kyle says the wig is SThexy MAma. I love my kids. Tyler just chuckles when I slip off my hat. I have eyelashes and brows still.........