Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ok so I buckled and Mom came running. I woke up and felt my face. My hands are huge....My face fits in them. I don't even want to see. My entire thigh is covered in hives and itches like the fleas of a thousand camels parked there set up camp. It spreads from my head to my arms to my neck to my legs to my abdomen to my feet and back up the other side. My left side seems to be effected first. As the day passes, it soes to the right. I am taking Benedryl and it is not touching this. I itch and stay in the tub full of Aveeno for most of the day off and on. The Dr. has no explanation. She says it can not be the CHEmo drugs 8 days past. TheNeulasta was definately working, I felt it last night. Like contractions, spitting out little white cells from bone that has no exit. I think it is from that. I ate nothing different, it could be Advil but I am not taking that again either. Maybe when this is done I will try but nooooo not now.
So she says I have to see my regular PRactitioner. HUH Do I have one? I have not ben sick in are my regular physician no? I went to the ER. they won't touch me. I look like a homeless hairless chigger bit bag lady on crack. I can't stay still it itches. I can't shut up the histamines are cranking. My skin is on fire but I have no fever. My white count is 59.9 should be 3.5 - 10.9 OK no steroids....MOre benadryl but Atarax...its a stronger version. I wait 30 min. IT isnt doing squat. I am trying so hard to get rid of the itch by mental antihistamine therapy. I need to get out of that hospital where all the sick people are. I am not sick and can't be in there. My BRother speeds things up from the direction of his wife. SHe says get her outta there...and he kindly did. The Dr. there spoke to an ocologist and they said no steroids....just Atarax and a cold shower. I am used to that so off e went. I think it was 10 or so when I got the meds. and got to the house. I took too many too often and ..........................took a shower for 3 days....