Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sat. and SUnday

Beach houses, stair cases and an unidentifiable children in hats at the beach are Art a pure sense.
Sister in laws are a gift from God.

Saturday and Sunday were very bad and I would like to skip the memory except someone might need to know what to expect so.......I had to take Excedrin Tension everyday. My head hurt every morning. Sleep was interrupted often. Muscles are aching joints are inflamed and I am moving around to maskthe discomfort. I have to grocery shop. School starts back Monday. I can't do it Sat. Sunday I did. I am grumpy and everything/one aggravates me. I feel like I already wrote all this. OK and By the way...I DON"T DO COMPLAINING WELL. I love to laugh and this is so not me. I can always see the glass half full.....even I will say its all discomfort. Nothing is so bad that you can't do it. If you have to.

So Sunday night,,,, this is important.......The Neulasta started working AT Walgreens........My hips buckled. The pain and pressure is like sciatica. Like the worst flu ever. Then when you think it is over.....The chest pain starts. OK that feel like a contraction in your sternum. It's wild. it starts and then stops.....30 seconds and then 1 or two minutes's another. White cells must be shooting out everywhere. millions at a time I guess. I wish they did a blood test weekly. My white count must plummet and then shoot way back up during this process.