Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday Treatment # 3

I am real tired this time. I slept 15 hours from 9:30 until today sometime.

I am trying to be positive that nothing will go cattywampus this time but I have a sore throat a bit today.

Drink lots of water they say and don't take vitamin c. I want to post pictures cus I don't feel like typing anymore today.

Karen brought dinner Monday night and we will eat that again tonight. it is yummy stew with carrots and potatoes. and a Great salad. It helps so much. Thanks

Linda Warner stayed with me all day and Kara came to make sure they gave the right, corrected, doses of drugs. I was loopy from the added benadryl and the other narcotics they blast me with.
I like it. for now.

I have a new boytoy! (The IV POLE is tall dark and Mysterious) I will love him for 6 more weeks. Then I will politely say goodbye. He can't kiss at ALL.