Thursday, January 15, 2009

I slept 3 days

I didn't get out of bed for two days except for Thursday for about 1 exciting hour. 8:oo am......the 160 lb mastiff is at the back door looking in. I sent the boys off to school and turned around to fall back in bed. Brutus is still at the backdoor but he is looking very puzzled. NOT at me no.....he is looking to the west on the patio as if he sees a ghost and is willing to pounce on it but it looks dangerous. His stare is so odd that I must see what he is looking at. I look out the door and there on the patio is Ford.
This is a FORD.
(HE has a heart Murmur, had Pneumonia as a pup, has demadex, skin allergies, a bad bite and now Seizures?)
Ford is Seizing? I run to his side and he sees me. He is stiff and standing there but coherant. His front feet stretched stiff out to the front like a paso fino horse steping in rhythmn. I am trained to stay calm in this situation and I just thought oh great he seizures too poor thing. Now what. I have Valium- I have Atarax....ha I have .....anyway, I lay him down and he is relieved to see me. He relaxes And I talk to him but he can not lift his head. His gums (MM) are completely WHITE...Egg shell white........Simon Cowell's teeth White....Not good. I grab the phone and call called Linda P. She is on the way to the clinic and had just text'd. She comes by and grabs him and we put him in a crate in her Truck. Thank God she was right there. I couldn't drive and I didn't know my mom was on the way to my house. She didn't want me alone at all just in case. Linda P takes off.
I get a phone call a few pills later and Dr. Block is looking at Ford, wondering what his pedigree really is...(the original owner's where duped). Ford is now fine and let Linda know what he is best at in her car on the ride not a good trick but a manly trick he learned from ? Brett maybe? his Flatulence is a powerful tool. Anyway....(Sorry),.....Dr. Block and Cristina think I am crazy and can't see a thing..He looks great and his happy.....ut oh.....His Lip is swollen OMG... Cristina opened his mouth and low and behold.........Linda calls me to see if there is a Power Cord on the Patio with Teeth marks on it.
GEEZ. There it is... the plug for the ice Maker is half way out of the socket and it's wet. HE got Zapped...Brutus musta watched him Light up. Poor baby and Ford too. Only this could happen at this house.
LOL . I just went back to sleep for 24 hours more.
There are two Great Lindas I work with. Linda P, who is Dr. Block's Assistant and Linda W. Who I have worked with for 12 years now and if we win the lottery......we will live next door to each other ina different country. Friday My Linda Warner came over with a orchid. She kicked off her crocs and hopped into bed with me, don't be jealous, and we had a great girl chat. I was half asleep but remember talking about watching the Gators play ball the night before and win the Orange Bowl and I remember Hearing Danny Ponce's name andVoice on TV . (Linda was a Gator). We talked about the game and You. It was so great having her comfortable enough to jump on in. I still see her little 5 foot body in my king size bed. she looked like a little Edith Anne. I think it made me start to get over this. it took until today but I Knew I could get rid of this.