Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wed. The jokes on me

ok enough happens here to stay busy without a job. I am talking to Tina on the phone and doing the dishes at the same time...(Raw talent). I turn off the water but it still running....out the cabinet below. Oh GReat. LOL. Tina assures me its just a hose. SO I hang up and do what any real woman would do...NO not called Jimbo, I got the flash light and I found the leak and I took the part off went to the hardware store. of course they don't have it and I have to go to the plumbing supply store where I bought the overpriced, way to fancy, "Grohe" fawcet. Whatever I did it so deal with it. They had one. $$$$48.00 WHAT? even the plumbers in the shop were stunned at the price. Shoot. Shoulda bought a Kohler.

Then I realized I have to get the blood drawn. I don't have an appointment. I "walk in" they say we are "welcome". LOL . ok then. I cleaned my purse and waited my turn. Everyone has the same story. "How long will it be? I am fasting and I am borderline hypoglycemic can you get me in soon? it won't be long right"? OMG. I am living a comedy session for the writers of the Blue Collar Comedy dudes. I love it. I just laugh. The way Dave laughed when he accidently saw my alopecia and my hives at the same time in the sunlight on the patio when I had to unclog the pool skimmer and he came home unexpectly. My Mom couldn't of warned me he was here?
oh yea I still itch but very small ares.