Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weekend results

The girls played well but the division they in is a bit over their head. They were at the top of the last division so the coach decided to try the next one up. They won two games out of too many. it was good for them to see what they are up against. Try harder this weekend in lauderdale I think. I will not go but she has other Moms there.

MaryAnne and Mike were in Orlando ironically, for a Veterinary Convention so we hooked up a couple times. I was glad they were there and it was fun to have them come see Tyler play.

I felt a sort of comfort in having them so close too. Knowing MAryANne could break away from Galaga at a moments notice to get to me was way kool.

We had lunch and then went to the games and obviously had drinks (they Did), I had bitters and soda to calm my stomache. it was bothering me from all the antihistamines last week.