Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tuesday two weeks after the 2nd treatment

My computer power source is dead. The desktop has 700 viruses.....So I put all the christmas stuff in the shed. neatly. I think it is Wed. and I am confused all day. Whatever. I have to go to the Dr. on Thursday. I have to have a blood test Wed. The Doctors may push back my treatment. I don't want a delay. I wanna be done.
I still itch small places and it hops around. I see other woman that have the same symptoms on the different disscussion groups but I don't know if they had Neulasta or not or if they took Advil or blah blah blah.....I am tired of talking about my woes...itchy as they may be.. they must go away now...after I scratch......
Uh So I what...I can't go anywhere, everyone is working like normal folks do....I don't want to mop the floor anymore, the tiles are losing color, I hate soap operas. I LIke to eat so I do. Just a little of EVERYTHING, and Everyone brings such great dinners.
I gotta go for a jog. I am back. I love to listen to the music and push myself. I thought I would take it easy, but then I said to my self WHAT? Why. I went for it. I am fine. My feet are good now. Especially with socks and shoes on.