Thursday, February 5, 2009

friday the 30th.

This is a carved Canoe at the Zoo. I love this shot
Friday... I feel like I am getting cold. My most trusted aadvisor told me I overdid it yesterday and I needed to drink and I did last night and I feel great now! I drank 2 liters of water and wow....Than you PD.....

The bottom of my feet hurt from the Taxatere by the way. IT is a weird pain... it feels like both my feet bottoms are badly bruised. I think that must be why the nurses at the Chemo unit want to ice my hands and feet during the Taxatere. The doc doesn't think it helps so he didnt order it. I will ice one foot and not the other and see what works. You take me outta the lab but you can't stop me from research! LOL

It is already a week later. I am having trouble catching up here and I have lost track of what happened what day. I had coffee Friday night I think and got a buzz from it.

My white count musst be seriously low. I am still stuck in my bubble. I wash my hands every hour and carry the lotion around for the itch. yes I still itch.