Friday, December 19, 2008

better catch up its Friday

I don't evn know when the last time I wrote was. but....I had a really tough couple of days. My head hurt so bad I thought I was gonna quit this and never think about it again...I always have gotten headaches........I bottle stuff up and unless I am in traffi, in my car, where no one can hear me, no one will ever hear from me that I am angry with them or that they hurt they my feelings or just plain pissed me off. Poor guy in the Hummer gets the full brunt of my bottled up I get the headache, take 2 excedrin and they go away....

But now I can take no excedrin so big Headache. 3 days worth. Dr. want to give me a iv and chlorpromazine.. oh yeaa the good stuff.... but I am so not going to a hospital anymore than I have to. so I suffer Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday my Mom says there is an excedrin without asprin......Tension Headache....I take it and takes 3 doses but the pain is GOne....I am one happy CHemo Camper....oh the dr. finally called me back 2 days later to tell me about this great Brand of Excedrin.....ha.......So I now am 3 days behinf in the house. Kids have NUTHING to 7AM.....I feel guilty and get up and wash...all night.....then I pressure wash the patio...the deck and the tiki hut floor.....the whole thing.......I Feel Gooodoodooododdd

I think I was so happy to not have a headache that I felt even better than I should have.

I got a message Tuesday. I saw the SHrink on Wed. Let me tell you about both.