Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Highway 3

This is my Third Reason.

Now I am waiting for the mamogram When I see this beautiful and familiar face. I think I babysat her kids when I was 14. I ask her her name and I tell her mine. She runs away. Oh she returns with Pictures of her Grandkids. She is a Nurse and now is the Public relations person for the diagnostic center I am waiting in. I thought I would get VIP service now but NOOOO. My boobs get smooshed and flattened out like playdough. I think the CYST is completely missed in the xrays so I show her where it is. she puts a Daisy on it. A Daisy. Then I go to the Ultrasound room and Get some warm gel spread all over my Breasts. OK I said Just tell me its fluid filled. The look on her face isnt filling me with love but rather an OH SHIT feeling os overflowing from the techs face. She says she can't tell me that. I can see it for myself. I look at xrays and ultrasounds all day at the animal clinic where I work. I know exactly what I am looking at. Heat radiates up and down my spine. I want a biopsy now. I can't go home until you biopsy this. They agreed and get the Dr.

It hurt I admit it. I don't care. Now I want it out at this minute. Take em off. all of them. Her lips are moving but Its an echo. The Dr. is telling me about her dog. I now they are trying to divert my attention but all I hear is Blah Blah Blah. The teacher in CHarlie BRown. Then I hear are you OK?

All I can do is shake my head no. And Cry.

That was 09/23/08