Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monday night before The 2nd treatment

Kara will take me this time. MaryAnne is cming too. We will watch comedy movies and take pictures. I hope I can function after the cocktail.

She is my Brothers wife but I think of her as a true sister.

I love this shot. Everglades are so peaceful and reaal.

Tina Loves Daisies so I see her smile in each petal in each pinnea and in each long stem are her sexy long legs.

I am ready for tomorrow. Or this morning. The dex makes it impossible to sleep. I should be snowboarding. or surfing or cleaning the closet. or dancing. or hmmmm

I got pictures of the everglades and the ugliest dawg I have ever owned Ford. Ilove my Nikon and I am feeling inspired. By you. All you say to me all you do for me. It is amazing what you find in the hearts of the real people in your life. Some make it all about them...how'd they do that?.....SOme abandon you, some stay quiet but are always by your side. Some come out of the woodwork and show you they really have and will always care. I am BLESSED and will be thankful for every person that sticks this out with me. OK enough BLaH Blah BLah. who taught the english bull dog to stick out his tongue?