Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thursday I made it

you know what I did today.. ..I focused. I feel great. I am back and I am alive. I lost all fear. I feel today I am doing this I am 25% finished and I I will finish. I will live a long life and I will live it to the fullest. I took control and I gotta do this because it is my job as a person as a Mom as a caregiver as motivator as a daughter as a sister as a friend and as a cousin.......Oh.
I pressure washed the patioi the deck the tiki hut the windows and the dogs. It took all day after Yoga. 9 am until 8 pm. My mom came and joined me, Dad brought us lunch. We ate under the tiki hut and It was GREAT day.
We have a little bit of money to shop for the kids. Dave doesn't shop so I get to do it all.....I am excited about that.
Heidi Brought me dinner on Monday and I love that. SHe is a great friend a person I aaalways love to sit next to at the movies. I don't remember her coming by because she is thoughtful enough not to come in and infect me with her creepy cold virus. Thats a true frienddddd.