Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday sunday sunday

Well Randy pulled somebodies strings and I am evidently getting my camera...I am doing the happy dance and Kyle is cracking up at my lack of talent and my watery eyes. OH he already laughed at my sexxxy old lady hair. (lack Of). My mom says Randy is an angel... one of those quiet ones you need to have. WOW I am blessed. Thank you Randy for knowing everyone is Miami. You really should run for Mayor!
I am ready for the Tuesday treatment because it means (as Kara pointed out) I will be 50% done with treatments. Wow that sounds good. I will take pictures this time and let you see what it is. My daughter wants to know "so what actually do they do to you" I guess everyone might think that so I will take pictures until they tell me to stop. In wonder if anyone else will let me photograph them. I will sneak around until I am too impaired to walk.
I am scared because I do not know if I will have the same side effects ad last time. If I do, I can handle this.....I am anxious but not panicking. I am going to bed.
I really do have wonderful friends.