Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sat and Sunday

Oh Kay... So I was really achy and wanted to be alone. I took the advil like they said but boy it all has side effects...all doable but all there. The Neulasta did have its benefits so far. The aches were all there and not unbearable. The Advil helps. So I just did it. But then my stomache said OH no ...No more...of that pasta more garlic, or else THESE CRAPMS WILL CONTINUE and I will cause you to double over and I WILL MAKE NOISE IN PUBLIC... So I listened to my stomache king of the intestine went home to my throne. I am eating soup and it is magicc. I dont know what's in it but it is Just what The Doctor ordered.

Sat. Brett's Fifth grade teacher brought us dinner. He is in 8th grade now. She is some kinda spiritual ANgel. I love her and we have always connected. Wow what a difference friends Make

I stayed Home Sunday I think. with the Advil..