Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday.........I miss Happy HOur

these dates are all mixed up aren't they. Today is the 12th and it is Friday. I slept all day. Yesterday I had an Injection of Neulasta a white blood cell builder. They give it to you to prevent a low white count. I feel like Crap now. I ache all over so I slept all day. I take Advil and it works for a few hours. This is the 4th day after treatment. I overall don't feel as bad as they said I would but it stinks thinking I am full of toxic waste and want it out as fast as possible. I get electric shocks in my hair and my face. no big deal just weird. I kinda feel like I am on a plane all day. not in a storm, just a little turbulance. my tongues messed up cuz I ate pizza last night. acid is a killer. I got a tip on biotene rinse so I'll try it. I like to drink Aloe too...but its gross. It is nice on the stomache though. I am not a complainer so I now have to find something to do during the day as not to loose my mind. I can't go to work until The end of Feb. I can't sit hereeeee writing all day so . What?