Wednesday, December 10, 2008

day 1 treatment

7 a.m. With everyone's text messages yesterday before I started, I was able to do it.
It was so Scary But I felt nothing but courage. Sylvester is a classic
informative facility. The nurses counselors and all the staff told me everything
they were doing. By the time the Taxotere and cyctoxin were in I was relaxed and
confindent and it was waay better than Happy Hour sorta. I am up now due to the
steroids and sleep I got from 9pm when I couldn't hold up my head.
I will try to write everyday but I might be out playing tennis or at the
gym...chasing a dogs and cats is evidently a no no and so is Happy Hour.
P.S. this was the hardest decision I have ever had to make being that I could
have chose not to do the chemo and just do Hormone therapy and radiation. My
chances of a non reccuence are 91% because I am doing all three treatments. I
have always been a daredevil but there was no way I would give up the highest
number for selfish reasons. I can do this . It's 12 weeks and if I live to see
my children's children, well then 12 weeks Of missing my job that adore, and
trying to stay germ free and keep up my White and red counts, then I will take
this challenge and try to help someone else that faces the same Decisions about
fighting her BReast Cancer.