Saturday, December 27, 2008

I tell my story better with photographs. Well maybe not better but I am more comfortable telling some things by photo instead of words. Oh and my camera is being held hostage at Pitman until I can pay for the repair. I have other dinky cameras I am using but it doesn't look as good. So don't think I have lost my talent. It is just until I get work. SO if you know anyone who needs a hairless helper, I am available. I just can't get pit or scratched. I can Dog sit. I love having a house full of puppies.
Why else,,, I got a new hat and a couple scarves for Christmas. I also got some from a gf that just finished her treatments. She is very special and sent them to me even though I have never even met her. How incredible is she? I think it is like a club you have no choice of joining. You can make it what it is and it can be rewarding if you share your experience. It makes the scary things a bit less horrific. The things they already have been now get to experience....and get through because of them and family and all your supporting friends. even the ones that just read your blog.
in case you didn't figure it out, if you click on the arrow in the pictures, the video plays. Patti let me borrow this cool little video thing. I think its called a flip. it is fun and easy. I don't think she expected me to keep it so long but she knows where to steal it back...She's a hoot
I am looking forward to Tuesday in an anxious neurotic kinda way. The same way I am looking forward to my hair completely falling out and growing back. Its a burning feeling in the pit of your abdomen and your head is on fire and your brain won't shut off. No amount of yoga will fix, stop, or extract this craziness in your head so you take a sleeping pill do more yoga, run two more miles, and mop every inch of your house. Oh did I mention the Shed. You rearrange it, consolidate the Christmas boxes and organize it beyond recognition. I think I will go the keys in the morning. no choice but to relax there. I can't/don't drink anything right now so that might not be the best idea. got three messy's a toss up.
Don't forget to send work my way. I need my camera back. I can walk dogs too. I am happy and healthy and feel good today in case you couldn't tell. Just the anxiety. They make a pill for that you know!