Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Here's the scoop for the treatment in case you are in need of knowledge.
I will show you visuals when I am able. They are the fun part but take work.
WE started and hour late so I was home at 3. From 7am. My blood work is normal but there are changes from last ime. My cholesterol is actually down but never is normal. Nothing else is abnormal but I see elevations in (but all still Within normal levels WNL) my triglycerides which went from 55 to 99. I stopped taking Omega 3 6 9 as instructed.
healthy cholesterol went to low range 45 from in range 74 which is bad but probably dietary. adding eggs and cheese which I usually steer clear of.
bad cholesterol went form 206 to 173 which are both out of range but down is good.
the ratio went from WNL of 3.9 to 5,2 which is .2 out of range. I can work on this with more excerise since all I do is yoga and stopped the cardio because I have no energy.
Skip this part if it it makes no sense. It is mostly You guys at work who understand what they are.
My BUN (Kidney Function) is 13 from 8 but is still WNL as are all of the following: NL up to 25
Cr is 0.7 from 0.68
calcium is 8.8 from 9.4
Kt is 4.3 from 4.6
albumin same
total Bili went from 0.6 to 0.3
Alk Phos went to 66 from 39 NL up 115
AST stayed the same
ALT went up to 24 from 15 Nl up to 40
So no Alcohol for me on new years. or the rest of the treatment I think. Haven't had any so far.
My CBC is interesting
WBC count went from 7.6 to 10.4 thanks to the Neulasta. NL to 10.0
RBC is the same
RDW SOmeone please remind me what that is...went from 14.5 to 15.6 which is high by .6%
Differential changes are signifigant but Basicall WNL with the exception of my
Absolute Eosinophil count which went from 76 to 10 which is low. What does that mean?
Absolute Neutrophil went from 4712 up to 7457 but is WNL
Platlets went from 310 to 143 also WNL by 40. Any ideas how to elevate them naturally?
Nothing else is changed so I didn't mention them.

They started with the usual Atavan, Dex. iv and oral. I was supposed to take one in the morning but they told me last time not to because I would get 10mg. IV. I was supposed to take the zantac as well. SO they gave me one tab and a bag iv. Go figure. Then I took EMend Orally. then they started the Taxotere and bam.....I had a creepy reaction. I let the nurse know I felt WEird. The Nurse was right there and stopped the IV immediately and call the Nurse Practitioner. They gave me 25 mg Benedryl over 30 mins. IV and waited 20 min. Started the Taxotere again over a two hour drip as opposed to and hour and I was fine. then Flush. Then the cytoxin. I fell asleep from the the benadryl, opposite of what I thought would happen. IT usually wigs me out I thought. But I never take it so go figure.
I had to stay awake for the Tax to make sure it didn't happen again. It felt like circulating heat from my pelvis and rolled up my abdomen towards my chest. That's when I spoke up and she stopped it. The heat was similar to the way the iodine feels during a CT scan but didn't stop until she cut it off. It was scary but they talked me through it breathing and relaxing so as not to panic which would be detrimental. I relaxed and they assured me I was in good hands. SO calm settled and the restart offered no similar symptoms at all. Next time I will have to have benadryl and it will take 2 hours instead of 1 but that just gives time for another movie that I fall asleep to. Kara and The future Mrs. Williams handled it perfect. they watched my eyes kept calm so I would. I appreciated all of the visitors today and need them there.
My hair is not falling out today. There is not much there to go. I like the way it sticks out the bottom of the hats but is awful when I forget to wear a cover in the house. Kids say AHHHH. I go put one on. I will guess it will all go in 12 more days. like last time. I think if it falls out fast that means it must grow fast and that is soemthing totally look forward to. Make up is great and so important to feel confident. It takes away from the shock. But it really has to a lot more dramatic than I am used to but I like to keep it natural colors or I look like..... oh I dont' know.... you fill in a word.
I went to sleep when I got home today and felt like crap when I woke up. I took a excedrin Tention, the one with out asprin. I am writing this so I remember next time too. I am dizzy again which did happen last time so I am ok with that.
My mouth is starting the mental taste again and the key lime pie Rick made yesterday tastes like plastic today. Sure glad I got a slice last night. I am gonna go now and see if I can sleep away this ocean motion. No nausea thank you God.